Medical Document Management System Simplified
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Medical Document Management System Simplified

Novlet Mattis Chief Information Officer, Orlando Health Inc.
Novlet Mattis Chief Information Officer, Orlando Health Inc.

Novlet Mattis Chief Information Officer, Orlando Health Inc.

Healthcare industry is rapidly drifting away from paper-driven approach and making way for digital systems. As we transition from older existing policies and procedures that are paper-driven, there are still quite a bit of paper flying around. Our aim is to minimize the use of paper and incorporate digitalization to enhance the health and quality of life of the individuals and communities.

 ​It`s not important what the CIO has accomplished, but what matters the most is how he achieved it 

At Orlando Health, our executives have figured out ways to document every individual’s record. With the help of Web-based Document Management Systems (DMS), we are able to easily access the medical records. It plays a vital role in improving efficiency and will help us to move away from traditional paper files.

Evolution of CIO

As health care industry is evolving, there is a huge pressure on CIOs to have general business acumen and display command over technologies, infrastructures, and applications that are needed to run day-to-day business. The responsibility of a CIO include managing people, teams, and budget effectively. Along with that, running technology efficiently in a lucrative fashion is also included in the job role. CIO should be someone who will truly align and govern IT role and function with lot of different competing factions in the business. As the pressure is increasing on the role of CIOs, different breed of leaders emerge with the ability to command the audiences and other executives. This is an amazing time and opportunity to establish as a CIO of a healthcare industry.

Overcoming the Challenges

One of the biggest challenges for all the industry today is recruiting and retaining skilled people. Our industry is waking up to the fact that half of the IT staffs have the potential to go and work in other industries. People who maintain networks in the infrastructure are people who can pretty much shift from one place to another. Therefore, there is a high demand for talented people and to hire such people is becoming difficult.

Another challenge confronted by Orlando Health is deploying innovative technologies. Many of these applications deployed by enterprises are complex and it requires thorough training and lot of efforts to make end user understand. The most important thing while leveraging technology is to enhance end user experience. Orlando Health ensures that the technology leveraged is easy-to-use, easy-to-access and convenient to end-users. Our healthcare facility make sure that the users do not think about the process of using technology, rather think about treating patient well. In addition, integration and rapport building is other common issue all the industry face.

Addressing Compliance and Regulatory Challenges

There is certainly a set of criteria that has to be met with regards to any kind of regulatory compliance. Healthcare industry still has handcuffs when it comes to information system privacy and security, protection of particular information of the patient. Health Information Management (HIM) is committed to ensuring the privacy of protected health information while providing quality information to those we serve. HIM maintains the legal medical record for all Orlando Health patients.

Choosing the Right Document Management Solution

The First and foremost factor Orlando Health considers—finding a product that offers features and functions that supports business needs. In addition to that, we look at cyber security check list, core functions checklist, what kind of certificates does vendor possess, what sort of standards do they meet and many more. As a CIO I don’t get involved in deciding which vendor is better, rather I would be involved in identifying the right company to partner with to make an investment.

Leveraging Technology to Deliver Better Services to Patients

To meet the goals for patient adoption, at Orlando Health we make patient portals more interesting and interactive. By focusing on innovative and effective treatments, we ensure the best possible outcomes. We also understand the significance of convenience and cost, and are developing new programs and partnerships to address these needs and provide more integrated approach to healthcare. Orlando Health also lays the groundwork for higher level of patient experience, including greater accessibility to clinical experts, more coordinated and collaborative care, advanced diagnostics and more timely results.

Creating Business Value

Firstly, CIOs must ensure that they set and mange expectation. It is important that CIOs make sure that they understand and manage their own personal brand. As they say “If you don’t manage your own personal brand, be assured someone else will.” It’s all about valuing and contributing towards the organization that matters as a CIO. Therefore, it’s not important what the CIO has accomplished, but what matters the most is how he achieved it.

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